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Roe-cylinder founded two decades held celebrations


October 2, autumn, Tan Kwai fragrance, roe-cylinder factory 500 employees gathered to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its establishment.
17:18 firecrackers, fireworks flying activity in the melodious music and the applause began, Mr. Chairman, President Chen Hongwei delivered a warm speech, he said: roe-cylinder plant after 20 years development, from a few dozen small factories to today grown to hundreds of people, the company's products into the household, there are millions of families using our products, for which we are proud. Enterprises have today, with the hard work of the majority of employees are inseparable, he expressed heartfelt thanks to all the staff. Employees responded with warm applause.
He added: We do business in order to provide you a development platform, we will try to work on this platform, we can fully display their talents together to enjoy enterprise development and growth happiness. 20 years ago we set up factories in order to survive and live, today, our living environment has been significantly improved, our life has been greatly improved, many of our comrades working here for ten years, twenty years, witnessed the development of small to large enterprise, our hard-won today, I hope we work together, develop together.


He pointed out that the development of enterprises thinking we need to establish a long-term development, we have many things to do, we also need to stay for another 20 years, after 20 years should be practiced martial arts for 20 years. We want to improve the workshop environment, we want to upgrade on the automated production lines, we must strive to build a standardized plant, modern factory. These require us to advance with the times, we must slowly learn to change, improve themselves, keep up the pace of development, we honestly every day in addition to the product well, but also to understand what to do today, what to do tomorrow, day after tomorrow what to do, have a plan, with the goal of our tomorrow will be better.
Finally, he said that 20 years is the prime of life, day, 20-year roe-cylinder also enhance the development of the revitalization of the day off, let us join hands to create a better tomorrow roe-cylinder.
Then the company veteran Wang Chen roots issued a "special contribution award two years," company vice president Xu Shoulong read the recognition decision, in recognition of Zhang Cailiang Shengyong Gui Zhuang Jianmin Yao Jianlin Yaoguo Zhou Weiguo Liang Zhu Jin Choi Yu Ping Shen Wang Meihua law all see high Yufu Guan Yu Lannan Tao Jianping Ruan Jing Miao National law Shen Jian Huan talk about gold which costs roots in ordinary jobs, diligent, excellent staff on behalf of hard working, Chen gave them presented the "Top Ten cylinders man" certificates and prizes, and posed for pictures with them.
Ten representatives Yufu Guan published acceptance speech, he said: I joined the company more than ten years, witnessing the company grow day a day, I felt very happy. I have been a front-line worker, had been a workshop director, did a lot of jobs, can be due diligence on each job, the company's business when their own to do things at home. I am the company's growth did not do anything significant contribution is made they should do, is in the extraordinary position to every little thing, every bit a product well done. I think as long as each of our colleagues put their pipes every little thing, every product well done, the company will certainly have a future, there is development. Enterprise Well, we can be good. Enterprise development, and our employees can have a future. Past performance is not our renowned credit today, we will redouble our efforts to work and to honor the work into power, from the exemplary vanguard role in the daily work.

He called on everyone to work together to revitalize the roe-cylinder refueling, I wish the roe-cylinder better tomorrow.
At the event staff spontaneously organized a number of programs add to the fun, there are creative Lv Yongqing Zhang Donghui recitation of "Ode cylinders," Wu Xiaoquan performing "nose blowing balloon", more than super singing "years", Van Horn root singing "You are my rose "won the enthusiastic cheers. The company also prepared a special prize, first prize two, three second prize, third prize of ten, Sidengjiang 100, in activities interspersed lottery employees are enthusiastic, and extraction activities in Chen after the successful conclusion of the Grand Prize awarded.
20 years roe-cylinder is the struggle of 20 years, 20 years of trials and hardships, is the development and expansion of 20 years; a roe-cylinder stay for another 20 years of innovation for 20 years, is our brand for 20 years, is glory of 20 years, roe-cylinder will be better tomorrow.

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