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Quality Assurance

Company since 1993 to carry out total quality management, perfect pressure vessel quality management system has been established and the corresponding system documents, and maintain the normal and effective operation. The company now has ISO9001 international quality system certification and SACAP, SNI certification and other countries and regions. Now hold the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued by domestic B2 pressure vessel manufacturing license.
The company has perfect quality assurance and supervision system, the quality assurance department independent of other departments, is not subject to interference of production and management, are under the leadership of general manager directly. The quality department has quality management center, clinical laboratory, testing center and testing center four departments. Quality management center is the company's quality management system operation of the supervision and management center. Division is mainly responsible for the quality control of products manufacturing process and product quality inspection work. NDT inspection center is mainly responsible for products (ray test). Measurement test center is mainly responsible for company management, physical and chemical testing work. Existing staff of more than 20 people qa department.
The company has the first-class inspection and testing equipment, detection means complete, advanced. More than 10 sets of important test equipment, including X-ray real-time imaging detection system, hydraulic testing machine, automatic record test equipment, air tightness test of water pressure blasting device, tensile experiment device, 11 channels spectrochemical analysis and other new equipment, meet the requirements of all kinds of inspection, testing, to ensure the quality of products.
The company insists on "quality first, customer satisfaction" the quality policy, to ensure safety, reliability, applicability of all pressure vessel products to meet the standard requirements.

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Hangzhou Yuhang Zhangshan Steel Cylinder CO.,LTD
ADD:Renhe Industrial Zone, Yuhang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China
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Hangzhou Yuhang Zhangshan Steel Cylinder CO.,LTD

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