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After-sales Service

Pre-sale service

  Company according to the application requirements of different industries, common to help users: & have spent From product selection to special product development and trial production, provide all kinds of product standards according to the requirements of customers, raw materials, inspection and testing methods, standards and technical consulting; Provide samples manufacturing, non-standard products; Provide the certificate of qualification and credit, the listed company performance large user and application engineering, etc.

Sale service

  According to customer orders, on the premise of guarantee quality and delivery time: & have spent The use of advanced computer-aided design, sophisticated blank production, elaborate the process of processing and exquisite final testing; Product delivery period, the user can at any time to the factory site sampling blank, work in process and product testing recheck, supply exterior paint and make products according to the requirements of customers packaging forms, etc.

After-sales service

  Provide cylinder of daily maintenance and maintenance and common troubleshooting training services; Provide long distance or the cylinder use, installation and technical guidance; User quality complaints, after the telephone technical support, if you have any further needs, will be used by professional after-sales service personnel to reach the site within 24 hours service *; The user's quality technology consulting, reply within 24 hours. Provide 24 hours technical support hotline; Warranty period free of charge to provide users with all kinds of after-sales service to provide product lifetime after-sales service and 3 years limited supply wearing parts for free.

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Hangzhou Yuhang Zhangshan Steel Cylinder CO.,LTD
ADD:Renhe Industrial Zone, Yuhang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China
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Hangzhou Yuhang Zhangshan Steel Cylinder CO.,LTD

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