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ADD:Renhe Industrial Zone, Yuhang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China
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HANGZHOU YUHANG ZHANGSHAN STEEL CYLINDER CO.,LTD was a professional manufacturer of all kinds of LPG cylinders which was founded in 1993. This name was changed from “HANGZHOU YUHANG ZHANGSHAN STEEL CYLINDER FACTORY” in 2002. The company has assets of more than RMB120 million, two 500ton wharfs at the Grand Canal, more than 500 employees, an annual production capability of more than 4 million and covers over 20 thousand square meters. All of these has created the leader position in this field.

In recent years,the company is continually increasing the development of new technology and investment of new equipment.Now we have 6 domestic first-rate flow production lines, over 300 sets production equipment, including total imported automatic welding equipment and advanced real time image-forming system for nondestructive radiographic inspection which is just owned by a few companies in China. The company is far ahead in many technologies especially in strengthening development of “welding”and “annealing”.Our company was also awarded as high technology company in Zhejiang province in 2011.


Since the company was founded,it has established the belief of “struggle with the employees hand in hand, get wealth together; share the achievements and developing with our customers”, the management principle of“create value for customers, bear the responsibilities for this society, share the gain with employees”and the quality faith of “quality first,customers top priority,pursuit of excellence”,use advanced standard ,process and equipment to ensure the quality of the products and safe usability.The company has successfully passed the international quality certification of ISO9001 and some districts certification such as SACAP and SNI.The company has emphasized to expand the markets both in domestic and abroad since 21 century.Now our market has spread all over the provinces and Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.


Hangzhou Yuhang Zhangshan Steel Cylinder will take the market as guard,talents as basic,technology as support,management as link,work tangibly and go in advance.We will continually carry forward the spirit of tough startup and devote ourselves to manufacturing the safest, the most convenient and durable products.We will provide our customers with the best quality products and service by continually improvement.

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Hangzhou Yuhang Zhangshan Steel Cylinder CO.,LTD
ADD:Renhe Industrial Zone, Yuhang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China
Tel: 86-0571- 86390380 Fax:86-0571-86390777

Hangzhou Yuhang Zhangshan Steel Cylinder CO.,LTD

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