the morning meeting management

In order to strengthen management,motivate employee morale, job execution and the efficiency of our frontline staff, ZhangShan Cylinder Co.,ltd launched a morning meeting management system recently. The main content includes:
1.Summary of yesterday's production tasks and efficiency situation.
2.Point out the shortcomings and the specific aspects we need to improve.
3.Arrange the whole day's production schedule.Make a statement about the product type and quality technical requirements.Come up with the detailed job disciplines and the production requirements to make every's responsibility clear.
4.Emphasize labor discipline and work rules.Make safety education, case-explain, outstanding performance, enterprise cultural counseling, management story revelation, management experience.
5.To share work experience and management experience.
6.To convey the company's spirit and goals.
7.To inspire the employee's morale by praising outstanding performance or pointing out the error.
Since the morning meeting carried out,the work plan and requirements are well executed.Employee's morale and team cohesion are enhanced. Work efficiency is significantly improved.
the morning meeting management